Amethyst Helps attain wisdom and let go of attachments, helps in healing addictions, alcoholism, withdrawal symptoms, and compulsive disorders

Ametrine A mix of amethyst and citrine, contains qualities of both 

Angel hair quartz Crown charka and increases spirituality  

Aquamarine Promotes peace, calmness, inspiration, and love. Helps to stabilize unsettled surroundings, reduces fear, and facilitates communications with others and the deeper self 

Black amber Soothes the nerves and imparts a sense of protection

Black coral Symbolizes life and blood force energy and encourages wisdom 

Black labradorite  Grounding, repairs aura, counters stress and psychological over dependence on food, medicine, alcohol, and other people.  

Black star sapphire Provides protection and grounding, helps to achieve confidence in your own intuition 

Black tourmaline Protects against negative energies of all kinds and instills a positive attitude. Helps achieve balance in all areas.

Botswana Agate Stimulates creativity, helps release repressed emotions to relieve you of dwelling problems. A gentle and calming stone, wonderful for relieving stress and depression 

Bronzite A protective and grounding material used to restore harmony when feeling overwhelmed. Alleviates indecision and doubt

Chrysopase Promotes optimism and personal insight. Instills a state of grace, helps heal a broken heart, and facilitates the acceptance of others
Citrine Helps fulfill spiritual potential, powerful cleanser and regenerator, an encourages harmony in the home and work environments. 

Clear quartz Enhances energy, thoughts, and balancing every day life. It fortifies and strengthens all systems of the body. 

Conch Dispels negative energy and awakens a person from ignorance

Drusy agate Balances mind, body and spirit 

Emerald Increases love and mental equilibrium, detoxifies, traditionally dating back to 3000 BCE given to exercise demons. Brings domestic bliss and loyalty. Enhance unity, unconditional love, and friendship. 

Fluorite  Stabilizes, balances aura and aligns chakra. Cleansing, brings order to chaos, and good healer.

Hypersthene Enhances self esteem and aids in emotional expression

Imperial topaz Clears stagnant energy. Enhances awareness, manifests health, and promotes kindness, compassion, and empathy 

Jade Provides confidence and self-sufficiency. A sacred stone that aids in attaining a meditation state. 

Jet Helps in realization of potential. Protective stone, feminine, good for mourning and healing of grief 

Lapis lazuli A protective sone. Harmonizes body, emotions, mind and spirit and brings multidimensional cellular healing. Helps expand awareness and intellect and eases depression

Obsidian For objectivity, grounding, helps absorb anger, criticism and fear. A very protective stone and removes negativity. 

Onyx Strengthening stone, banishes old habits, and imparts self-control

Pink sapphire Serenity, emotional blockages, stress and a peace of mind. Teaches how to master emotions 

Pink tourmaline Emotional pain and destructive feelings, relaxation and healing energies

Pyrite Black negative energy, deflects harm, balances instinct and intuition and increases positive outlook and overcome feelings of inadequacy

Rose quartz Love and healing

Ruby Lasting love, life force energy, releases suppressed anger or negativity in a creative way, attracts money and business 

Rutilated quartz Regarded as an angel stone, good for those seeking to make life changes. Illuminates the soul, cleanses energies, facilitates spiritual growth, and filter negative energies.

Sapphire Brings loyalty in business and relationships, associated with love and purity. Chakra healing. Said to ride one of unwanted thoughts and bring peace and joy to the mind. 

Sardonyx Stone of strength and protections. Enhances willpower, integrity, stamina, and vigor

South sea pearl Soothing, heart chakra- good for women (peri menopausal or after) controls mood swings, and adjusts body to a deeper form of sexuality and harmony, abundance, and good luck. Protects against accidents  

Turquoise Cleansing, protective, and the “Master healer.” A grounding stone which provides strength in meditation.

Violet tourmaline Stimulates healing of the hearts and stimulates creativity and intuition